This is Chuck Roy.

I Am Chuck Roy

Comedian. Speaker. Philanthropist.

Are you ready to laugh so hard your belly hurts? Do you want to take your upcoming private event to the next level?

Or are you looking to laugh while doing something good for the world?

The world needs more laughs. But more than that, people should be laughing for a good cause. Meet Chuck Roy — an established comedian with a fresh, new take on how to use comedy to impact the world!







Chuck Roy is a professional stand-up comedian who has established himself in the entertainment industry. You may know him as “The Bear,” or you might recognize him from being on several hit TV shows and having YouTube videos that attract thousands of viewers. 

But Chuck is never content to rest on his laurels. He’s fresher than ever today, reinventing himself to enter a new phase in his career that hits harder with the laughs and makes a difference through education and charity.

Learn more about Chuck to see what he has been up to over the past few years and where he’s going on his journey with comedy!

Bearly Your Average Comedian

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Chuck Roy is more than your average comedian. Having years of experience in the comedy and entertainment industries, he has expanded his areas of expertise to include public speaking, event management and planning, and customized comedy to fit any occasion. 

Chuck’s versatility puts him in high demand for a variety of events, including charity fundraisers, educational seminars, and more. Discover how Chuck’s unique skills can benefit your next event!!

Chuck believes that comedy can change the world. That’s why he emphasizes charity work throughout every branch of his career. Whether he’s engaging in public speaking or making a crowd hold their bellies with laughter at a public or private event, Chuck always keeps charity at the foundation. He uses his career to give back to the world and make it a better place, one laugh at a time. 

Most people don’t often think of charity and comedy going hand in hand. Chuck wants to change that perception. Learn more about how Chuck uses comedy and entertainment as a platform for giving back to charity!

Live Shows & Events

Chuck is always staying busy, whether he’s doing stand-up shows throughout Denver or using his skills at private events. If you want to experience Chuck live at one of his next shows, head over to Chuck’s Events page to see what’s coming up on his schedule and get ready to laugh till your face hurts!

Getting In Touch With Chuck Is Easy

In the entertainment and comedy industries, it can be difficult to book a comedian for a show or event as you wade through countless emails, phone calls, and unhelpful booking agents or managers. 

Chuck Roy bucks this trend by being his own manager. When you want Chuck at your next event, you can contact him directly. You’ll actually talk to Chuck — no more middle men. Contact Chuck today and see how easy it is to book him for your next show or event!