Chuck's Impact

Why is a comedian also a philanthropist?

Chuck Roy is so much more than a stand-up comedian, entertainer, and educator. He’s also an avid supporter of charities, and he goes to great lengths to ensure philanthropy is one of the most important parts of his entire career. 

Over the past few years, Chuck has increased his efforts for charity and uses both action and financial resources to give back to the community. Charity work is near and dear to Chuck’s heart, and with him, you’re getting more than some laughs and a good time. You’re partnering with him in making the world a better place!

Using Comedy to Change the World

Chuck Roy believes in using comedy to change the world. That’s why he’s aligned his work in the comedy and entertainment industries with his overarching values to make every show and performance an opportunity to give back to charity. 


As a philanthropist, Chuck donates a portion of all his proceeds to charity — not just the charity-specific gigs. Every time Chuck takes the stage, he sets aside some of the money he earns to go to specific charities that leave the world better than he found it, especially for children in need. Chuck is also eager to perform at fundraisers and charity events to raise awareness for these charities, helping to draw bigger crowds and encourage attendees to donate more money to the cause. 


When you go to a Chuck Roy performance, you’re helping to give back to the local community. And when you laugh at a Chuck Roy show, you’re laughing for charity. Chuck believes that together, we can change the world through comedy, one laugh at a time!

Elevating Connections

Chuck’s Efforts With Elevating Connections

Chuck donates 10% of his charity efforts into an organization called Elevating Connections. They focus on helping children in the foster system build and sustain positive relationships that last for years to come. 

Sibling relationships are some of the strongest and longest-lasting relationships anyone can experience in life. The unfortunate truth is that many kids in the foster care system end up separated from their siblings, which contributes to a sense of loneliness, especially after emancipation. Elevating Connections works to re-forge the bonds between separated siblings so they can experience the joy of having a sibling who loves them and cares about them throughout every chapter of life. 

Elevating Connections understands that some kids in the foster care system may not have siblings to be separated from. That’s why they help foster children without siblings forge new connections and relationships within their communities while helping them gain a confident voice to carry with them throughout the rest of their lives.

Chuck knows that kids are the hope for the world’s future. Through the help of all the people who come see his shows, buy tickets, and book him for his services, Chuck can continue contributing to Elevating Connections to change the world for kids in the foster care system.

Book Chuck Roy and Help Change the World!

You can hire Chuck for your next charity event or fundraiser. Chuck loves to work charity events to raise awareness of a cause, boost the energy in the room, and get people laughing and enjoying themselves.

This can go a long way toward helping your event be as successful as possible. Book Chuck Roy as your charity event’s stand-up comedian by filling out the form below!

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