Chuck's Services

Chuck Roy is more than your average comedian. He has an entire arsenal of skills and services that are perfect for any event that needs a professional entertainer with a tailored approach to meet your needs. Discover all that Chuck Roy can do, and consider him for your next public or private event!

Chuck's Services

Chuck Roy is more than your average comedian. He has an entire arsenal of skills and services that are perfect for any event that needs a professional entertainer with a tailored approach to meet your needs. Discover all that Chuck Roy can do, and consider him for your next public or private event!

Stand Up Comedy

Chuck Roy Filthy Animals Tour

Stand-up comedy is Chuck Roy’s bread and butter. Thanks to his years of experience crafting and telling jokes, Chuck captures the audience’s attention every time he takes the stage. He gives off a confident stage presence while keeping a sense of wonder, which maintains an improvisational and organic feel throughout every performance. He reads the room and keeps his ears and eyes to the audience, interacting with the crowd at every opportunity. When you see Chuck Roy live, it’s hard to take your eyes from the stage!

Some of Chuck’s favorite opportunities to perform stand up comedy include:

  • Comedy Clubs
  • Corporate Events
  • Private Events

Chuck keeps his stand-up routine fresh, so even returning audiences can hear new jokes and enjoy unexpected laughs. He’ll be the main entertainment for holiday parties. Businesses and organizations love hiring Chuck to make their partners, donors, employees, and coworkers laugh at any holiday event. So if you run a business or organization that wants to give your people a holiday event they’ll remember for years to come, hire Chuck Roy and watch the room light up with smiles and laughs. 

Public Speaking

Chuck Roy Filthy Animals Tour

Chuck Roy thrives on stage and has the confidence to keep people engaged, whether it be a hometown crowd or nation-wide audience. With all eyes on him, Chuck Roy speaks openly, confidently, and directly in a variety of formats. 

Here are some of the types of events that are perfect opportunities to have Chuck Roy provide his public speaking services:

  • Educational events: As a teacher nerd, Chuck relishes the opportunity to educate in topics involving his passions of comedy, business, and entrepreneurship. Chuck can take new or confusing topics and make them easy to approach and understand. 
  • Commencement addresses: A high school or college commencement address can be one of the most influential speeches given to young people who are about to embark on the next chapter of their lives. Chuck Roy can inspire students from the podium, encouraging them to live their best lives in whatever comes next. He can keep the vibe humorous and light while balancing it with the seriousness and value of the moment.
  • Professional Development: Chuck is always teaching, always giving value to others, and one of the best ways he does this is through speaking on Professional Development. As a business owner, educator, and comedian, his unique perspective will help you grow while making you laugh!

Customized Comedy

Chuck Roy Customized Comedy

One of Chuck Roy’s most exciting and popular offerings is his customized comedy service. Customized comedy is a stand-up routine tailored specifically to the event at hand. This means that the jokes and stories that Chuck tells from the stage will be more relevant to the crowd’s shared interests while sticking to the event’s topic or theme.

People often hire Chuck for his Customized Comedy at:

  • Corporate events: As a business-school Educator, Chuck knows that successful communication is key to great relationships. This carries over to his love for speaking at corporate events, where he’s received many 5-star reviews for his customized humor, customer service, and charitable impact.
  • Charity events and fundraisers: Chuck Roy loves giving back to the community and does so whenever and however he can. Chuck can be the keynote speaker at a variety of fundraising and charity events, helping to draw a bigger crowd and encouraging attendees to donate to the cause. 
  • Community events: Chuck Roy knows that a strong community is one of the bedrocks of society. He’s ready to use his gift of public speaking to boost your next community event, making it both impactful and memorable!

No matter the event, the crowd will love hearing stand-up comedy that includes on-topic themes. Many people who have experienced Chuck’s customized comedy routines are blown away by how clever he can be when telling jokes that align with the night’s topic. 

Chuck’s ability to perform customized comedy stems from his years of experience performing stand-up routines as well as his establishment as an educator. Chuck Roy is Professor of Comedy at Community College of Denver, where he teaches students the fundamentals of joke-telling so they can turn their ideas into hilarious jokes. Chuck uses these same methods that he has honed over the years to create jokes tailored to any event, whatever the theme and whoever makes up the crowd. Everyone will love Chuck Roy’s customized comedy performances!

Event Management and Planning

Handling every aspect of an event can be a difficult process. From planning and logistics to managing and implementation, there’s a lot to keep track of. This is where Chuck Roy comes in. When you need an expert event planner and manager, Chuck Roy is the one to call. He can get you the results you’re looking for, whatever your vision for your upcoming event. 

Let Chuck Roy take a more involved approach in your next event. Chuck has years of experience in the entertainment industry, which means he knows how to plan a fantastic event, big or small. He can handle all the fine details so that your event is a massive success. He’ll free you up to focus on other things so you can actually enjoy your own party for a change!

The fact that Chuck is a professional comedian and public speaker makes him even more valuable as an event manager and planner. If you want a public speaker with credentials or a stand-up comedian who can tailor his performance to the crowd’s interests at your event, Chuck Roy is your man. He can manage your event and provide the entertainment, which is a rare combination within the industry. Chuck is his own agent, so he’s well versed in the processes of scheduling, planning, managing, and preparing for any event.

Chuck Roy Event Planning

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