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Learn the art of stand-up comedy at, a stand-up comedy online school from Chuck Roy.

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What Is Comedy101?

Comedy101 is an online school for stand-up comedy. Students learn by:

  • watching short videos
  • reading stand-up comedy material
  • writing original comedy
  • performing on a real comedy show

College Level Comedy

Chuck Roy teaches THE 150 Comedy at Community College of Denver. This 15 weeks, 3 credit course walks students through the basics of comedy writing, stand up comedy and improv. Students also learn about the business of stand up comedy.

Adjunct Faculty Instructor

Chuck is an Adjunct Faculty Instructor certified in Effective Teaching and Online Course Design.

Chuck is a proud member of these Faculty Learning Communities (FLC).

  • Flipped Classroom
  • Universal Design in Learning (UDL)
  • Online Peer Review