Getting Guffaws

Give the gift of big, belly laughs! Deliver jokes that get guffaws, the biggest best laugh in stand-up comedy! A guffaw is a big, belly laugh. Learn about the guffaw and how to create them in this fun and funny online course and video conference from Chuck Roy. Chuck is a stand-up comedian with more

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Date Night Comedy

Learn the secret to “Hot Date Night Success!” Join us for this fun and funny video conference and online course and create a stand-up comedy set list that delivers hot date night success. Get tips and advice on delivering stand-up comedy material that connects with date night audiences. Find out how to grow your laughter

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Joke Writing for Stand-up Comedy

Interactive video conference for advanced stand-up comedy joke writing. Develop new material for your act, including a high quality joke, tag and call-back. Experience Comedy101 Professional Development Training. Build joke writing skills. Get feedback from comedy101 Experts and Members. Participate In The Live Video Conference Ask questions and get answers about joke writing. Test your

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